Our Team, Behind the Scenes

15. January, 2018

This is us. True us. Working mode on, looking happy, excited, tired, exhausted, focused, goofy, joyful, … And this is why behind the scenes photos are always fun to see. And who are we? Neža, Matjaž and Mihaela. Three photographers that work great together. There is always two of us on each wedding day, making sure we don’t miss any detail, tear or laughter.

Wink, wink ;).

Looking lovely, M.

My favourite model <3.

Thank you Matjaž for this photo. It’s honest and fun :).

Me and the bride walking towards the groom for their first look.

Chameleon Mihaela. Can you see her?

This was shot by a 5-year old who was very interested in my camera. Well, he certainly has a talent :).

We always make sure the dress looks perfect.

Can you see me?

If you need a photographer/nanny, we can come.

The famous Mini <3.

Polaroids are always fun.

True gentlemen still exist.

No rain can stop us.

Hi there, gorgeous.

Photographers - Behind the Scenes | Neža Reisner- Wedding Photography 2 Photographers - Behind the Scenes | Neža Reisner- Wedding Photography 1

Just like in Matrica.

Thank you all for being such good listeners to my instructions :).

We are not afraid of the heights. Ok, maybe I am, but that is not an option on weddings.

And what will 2018 bring for us? Many, many new things. One very important is currently growing inside me and is the main reason why next year behind the scenes photos will include only Matjaž and Mihaela’s photos. And you know what? I am the luckiest person to have two amazing people, whom I completely trust, that will take over my bussines while I will take care of my baby. Thank you M & M for everything <3.

Photographers - Behind the Scenes | Neža Reisner- Wedding Photography


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