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I’m Neža, a dreamer, lover of light, big fan of cats and documenter of love stories. I always want people to feel something when they see my work. If they do, then I have done my job. 

Wedding photographer Kauai | Neža reisner - Wedding Photography

The first wedding I ever photographed was 6 years  ago and I have to admit, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Now, after many weddings behind me, photography has become my profession and I just love everything about it.

I believe the experience my couples have is just as important as the photos. That is why I always try my hardest to make you feel super comfortable on your big day.

A few months ago, me and Matjaž were wondering about our happy place, when and where were we the happiest. Not as a couple, but as individuals. We were both thinking for a few minutes and got crazy goosebumps when we realized we were both thinking about the same place. Sunset, barefoot in the sand and a stunning beach on Maui, Hawaii. Yes, this is definitely a spot we will get back to someday. And it would just mean a world to me if one day, I could photograph a wedding there. Photographing couples in different places around the world is always exciting, because I get to combine my two true loves, travel and portraiture. And what are my favourite places around the globe? Well, besides Hawaii, it is definitely California, New York, always romantic Paris, lovely canals in Amsterdam and Venice, peaceful desert in Morocco, breathtaking beaches in the south of Portugal, … and many others. And places that are still on my travel bucket list? Definitely Madagascar, Mexico, Kenya, Phillipines, Iceland, and many more :).


I’m from a small country of Slovenia. See, even my home country has LOVE in its name. How cool is that? And what if you are not from around here? That’s ok, I have a passport and I am always ready to travel.

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