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27. October, 2017
wedding photography uk

I still remember the day I received their first email. It was the cutest email ever and it included a photo of them at a party. It was much more personal than all other inquiries I have ever received before and just by reading it and looking at their photo, I instantly knew that I want to be the one to capture their wedding day. wedding photography uk

I almost always meet my couples before they book me, but this time, we stayed in touch only through emails and met a few months after they already made a reservation. Their photo gave me a feeling they are fun, crazy in love with each other and in life in general. When I met them, all of this was confirmed. They told me they are going to make their wedding truly their own and it really was. They weren’t concerned what others might think and made everything by their taste and enjoyed every second of their day. And you can imagine that when bride & groom are having fun on their day, not worrying about anything, everybody else does the same. wedding photography uk

They picked a very special location for their ceremony… it was in front of their house, in the garden. They made sure everything was super pretty, starting with wedding invitations, that they made on their own. The decoration around the house was vintage with a pop of colours. Aljaž first saw Pia when she came to the ceremony with her father. This was a very special moment, that made almost everybody shred a couple of tears.

While she walked towards him, two Irish people were playing on the pipes, making everything even more romantic. And her dress… left everybody speechless. It was custom made and it couldn’t have been more perfect for her. It had pastel details on both sides, which connected the dress with other wedding details. I was also impressed with the dress high side slits, which were perfect for her pretty legs with amazing tattoos. wedding photography uk

Wedding Photography UK | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photographer 6

When the ceremony started, they were constantly holding hands and exchanging looks. Just looking at them at that moment, you could feel that these two are meant to be together. For the rest of their lives. After promising that they would love each other forever, everybody came to congratulate. And it was just the most touching thing ever. So many tears and hugs, I could hardly keep myself from crying of happiness and all the love around me. After everybody congratulated, we had some time to make a few photos on the meadow, close to their house. And we found just the perfect spot where everything was covered with purple flowers, that looked gorgeous with Pia’s wedding dress with blue and purple details. wedding photography uk

Wedding Photography UK | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photographer 7

We made a few photos and hurried back to their house, where everybody was waiting to go to Tri lučke. Bride and groom, witnesses and parents all left with amazing cars, Volkswagen T1 and Ford Mustang. wedding photography uk

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This was my first time at Tri lučke and I admit, it is now one of my favourite wedding venues in Slovenia. They have a gorgeous view, many vineyards and a modern architecture. Before the sunset, we had a few moments for family photos and portraits of Pia and Aljaž. They also bought some colorful smoke torches, which was also fun to shoot. wedding photography uk

Wedding Photography UK | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photographer 3 Wedding Photography UK | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photographer 2 Wedding Photography UK | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photographer 1 Wedding Photography UK | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photographer

When the sun went down, we went inside, where they took care of every little detail. The band was playing mostly rock music, which everybody enjoyed. Another thing about this wedding that was truly unique, was their cake cutting. They didn’t use a knife, like most couples do. No, they did it their way. Now take your time and see these photos. If you need an inspiration on how to make your day truly yours, this is it. wedding photography uk

Wedding dance | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photography Wedding dance | Neža Reisner - Wedding Photography 1

After the wedding, we received a lovely response from them, that I just have to share with you:

”Dear Neža. We just looked at all the photos and everything else that you’ve send us. We just can’t describe our feelings with words. You and Matjaž really captured everything that was going on. Thank you for each and every photo and thank you for being such warm and lovely people. You are really great to work with. Well, not work, but enjoy with. And besides all the pretty photos, your packaging is just the cutest. And don’t let us get started on the wedding album. It is gorgeous and we are more than happy that we’ve ordered it. Thank you for this memories. Because of you, they will stay with us forever.” wedding photographer uk

Well, thank you Pia and Aljaž. It truly was an amazing day that we enjoyed capturing. wedding photography uk

Wedding stationery: bride

Wedding bouquet: Vrtnarija Valner

Decoration: Vrtnarija Valner

Band: Non Stop Band

Make up: AP Beauty Artist (Arbiter Polona)

Hair: Frizerstvo Ella in Barber room by Edis

Bride wedding dress: Lilith by Katarina Baban

Groom wedding attire: Suzana Rengeo – Clothes with style, Galileo and XYZ

Groom shoes: Salon Strugar

Cake: Gox (Gorazd Potočnik)

Wedding rings: Zlatarna Aura wedding photography uk wedding photography uk wedding photography uk

wedding photography uk