Island Texel, The Netherlands photoshoot

20. November, 2017

Even though our trip to Texel, a lovely Netherlands island, was more than six months ago. I still dream of its pretty sand dunes, amazing views and a huge red lighthouse. There are many people, that don’t know about this place and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves long sandy beaches and cute small villages.

When we were planning our Eurotrip, we knew this is a must stop and a place where we want to capture some couple photos. But how to find a couple that would come to the island just for the photoshoot? Well, it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be. Matej and Katja were in Groningen at that time and drove for quite some time just for our session. And I have to say that we couldn’t have found a better couple for a Texel photoshoot.

Why? Because the weather was changing all of the time and the same minute we started our session, it began to rain heavily. And their reaction? Laughter! How cool is that? We waited for the rain to stop and then continued. M & K were so relaxed during our photoshoot, it really was a joy to capture those intimate moments between them. We started our session with rain and ended it with a few sunrays. But who really needs sun, if you photograph two sunshines.

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