Snowy Couple Session in Ljubljana

11. February, 2018

Ljubljana has been one of my favourite cities since I can remember. Lovely streets filled with old buildings, cute cafes on every corner, street performances that spice up your day and many shops with cute little things to decorate an apartment with. Yes, I admit, those kind of shops are my weak spot. Even though I love walks in Ljubljana city center, it is often a bit too crowded for my taste and that is why this photoshoot was even better than I expected. We met with Janja and Klaudijo at Bridge Trnovo on a snowy Sunday morning. I still don’t know whether it was because of the snow or the fact that it was a Sunday, but that part of Ljubljana was not crowded at all and that just made our photoshoot a lot easier. And the fact that everything was covered with white blanket? Even better.

Janja and Klaudijo are such a good couple to photograph. Fun, relaxed and madly in love with each other. J and K, thanks again for this amazing Sunday morning that we spent together. It was a joy to photograph you guys.
couple photography ljubljana - Neža Reisner Photography


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